“Isda at Manok!!!” (The Dinner with the Llegos)

I’ve known the Llegos for like 10 years since I was in high school. Their youngest child, Micko, used to be my classmate before and is also one of my best friends here in this lifetime. God knows how I love this family for they’ve treated me really good and accepted me like a part of them. Though Micko and I parted ways in high school and chose our own paths, we, together with her family, know that the special bond of friendship (or sibling-ship) between us is unbreakable. I so love this family for they are overflowing with love and I am so happy to belong with them.

I received a call from them the day before yesterday. They informed me that Micko was in town, taking a 5 day vacation from work (she works as a flight attendant for Philippine Airlines). We decided to meet in Ueno and have dinner. Last night, I went there straight from work. Of course, it was all about endless stories about anything under the sun.

Micko and I, having some snapshots. She never changed at all. She still loves purple and pink. She looks really pretty and I look a little preppy somehow. Gosh I need some new boots! Can anyone buy me? Hahaha!

And yeah folks! I admit. It looks like I’m the one who’s visiting Japan and she is the resident here. Gosh! She really blends with the Japs. Well, can’t blame the genes. She’s one-fourth Japanese.

The Llegos minus Kuya Luis. Too sad he was at work last night. He’s such a funny guy who can tickle my funny bone.

We decided to eat in Hubs which is a very famous English pub in Tokyo. This is me with them.

I think it’s really funny when you see old faces in new places. You feel really good being there but you just can’t  help  but look back in the past and reminisce all the things that helped you to get where you are at the moment. It’s also funny when people talk about a mountain of topics in a span of a few minutes. This video is an example. We talked about the Philippine weather, my NHK experience, fall/winter fashion, Filipino translations, and a few birthday greetings.

If you believe that they really saw me in NHK, well  the thunder cats just got you! Hahaha! They didn’t really see me on TV. They just made a fool out of me and Micko. Gosh! They are really experienced story tellers. Hahaha! They kid! They kid! They kid! Hahahaha!

Micko’s flight will be tomorrow and I am excited for March for she’ll be back here for a 21 day vacation. Oh yeah! We’re gonna rock Japan like it was never been rocked before. Hahaha! I can now imagine all the shopping and clubbing with her.


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  1. louie says:

    Nice one, thanx.

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