Teenage Dream with Rolane while Carrying a Non Designer Bag after 2 Years!!!

I told you that I sooooo love Teenage Dream by Katy Perry before. And as we are speaking now, the Glee version of the said single performed by Darren Criss is already the top downloaded song from the said series which might even surpass the record of Don’t Stop Believing. That’s awesome right?

Anyways, yesterday, I visited my friend Rolane because I didn’t have anything to do at home. Since the nuns from the nearby church in our house gave us a bunch of food a few days ago, I decided to share a few to Rolane’s. Rolane loves taking videos of herself and I myself is a self confessed vain person so we decided to make a cover of Teenage Dream. I know it’s not that good but yeah we did our best. LOL! We even recorded it in their bathroom which wasn’t spacious for two people.

I so love Rolane’s Hello Kitty  pajamas! It’s soooooo cute!!!! The way she was playing with her hands in the background was also funny. Talk about being a ghetto huh?!?! LOL!

I also love what I wore that day- a black fedora hat, a pair of glasses with a black frame, simple banana yellow jacket, a pair of shorts and black legging plus my 2 year old boots. I love putting some colors in myself! It’s so Harajuku. It’s also the first time in 2 years that I used a non designer back pack. It feels good to look good in very budget-friendly clothes and stuff. LOL!


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One Response to Teenage Dream with Rolane while Carrying a Non Designer Bag after 2 Years!!!

  1. carey says:

    I never you have a stunning voice Gervin 🙂

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