Passport Renewal (And Essential Vanity Pictures)

Some things are bound to expire. One of them is our passports.

Last Tuesday, for the first time, I went to the Philippine Embassy to renew my passport, which will expire next month. It’s funny because I’ve been here in Tokyo for 4 years and I haven’t even visited the embassy even once. So I went there with my co-worker, Kristine.

When I came inside, I felt like I was in Manila.

The place where they accept applicants for passport renewals and other important documents is really small. It gets even smaller when it’s all crowded inside with all the people applying for their needed documents. Don’t be fooled the pictures because I took them when I was finished with my passport renewal. It took me like an hour inside but I think that wasn’t too long compared to the lines in Manila.

You know that the embassy of a country is a part of their territory, regardless of where it is. Funny because the place really made me feel like I was back in Manila. Full of Tagalog speaking people and the small crowded space- it was indeed a Philippine ambience.

I also met a very cute guy inside. His name was Toji and he was half Jap and Filipino. It was funny because I was just looking at him in the line and when I came inside the office to take my picture, there was an open space for me to sit and it was beside him. Talk about destiny. LOL! I didn’t take a picture of him because I got really shy. I know that was very stupid of me but hello??? He was just 15 years old. He could almost be my student if I was in Manila.

After I finished with my passport renewal, Kristine and I tried to find the church in Roppongi because it was her birthday and she wanted to pray. Sadly, we weren’t able to get there so she just decided to take some pictures of me. 

Coat by Epoca, vintage fedora hat, top and vest from H&M, jeans from Levi’s, boots from ABC Mart, belt by D&G and bag by Gucci

I apologize for the excessive vanity. Before, I hated the cold season because it’s too bothersome to dress up. Now I am totally loving it.


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