A Message from a Former Student via FB…Touching!

I got a message from a former student of mine named Laarni Thursday last week via Facebook. It really made my day.

Forgive me for my bad editing skills!

I don’t know if she will kill me for this but at least I made an effort to make her seem anonymous to some people. Haha! But a professor in college once told me that if you give a letter to someone, it’s all up to him if what he does to it. Because you already gave it to him and that makes it his property now. So you can’t do anything if he throws it away or let others read it. So I hope I justified myself enough. LOL!  No malicious intents here or whatsoever!

It’s really a happy thing to realize when you touch someone’s life and hearts and make them realize their dreams. It’s ecstatic when you know that you can inspire someone. People would always want to feel appreciated and I am happy that I find it to my beloved students.

To my dearest Laarni,

I am happy to realize that I’ve inspired a dream for you. A lot of people cannot do that but I am so glad to hear that I did it with you. Thank you so much! I know that I am not a perfect person. I have my own flaws as a person and I think it’s not really easy to be me. Yet, it’s nice to know that there are people like you who can see the better side of me, people who put aside my imperfections and see the beauty in me. Thank you for your admiration!

Living in abroad is fun, exciting yet challenging, specially to a place where you will experience language barrier. It makes you widen your horizons and your views about life. It will make you a more understanding and mature person- the characteristics of the wise. I know, someday, you can make this dream come true. It all starts with a dream, then a step to make it unfold. The road will not be an easy way but everything will all be worth the walk. Realizing and making a dream come true won’t always be a waste of time.

Yet, I hope that you will never ever forget your roots. Give back and come back to the Philippines, your homeland that nourished you as you were growing up. Other countries and cities may treat you like you’re a part of them but deep inside, you will never ever feel like home. There will always be a longing to your roots that will forever reside in your heart. Believe me for I know it so well.

A teacher’s happiness is watching his students turn their dreams into reality. So go and make me proud! And I shall see you again.

Sir Gervin

How about you, peeps? Who made your day?


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