Owel Talks about Eye Shadows and Lip Sticks…in a Coffee Shop

Yesterday, I went to Shinjuku to have some window shopping alone. When I got bored, I called my friend, Owel, who’s all fresh from his trip in Manila since he just lives in the same area. I invited him to grab some coffee with me.

Owel is one of the few good friends I have here in Tokyo. He was there during my most down moments, the times which I don’t want to turn back. We don’t usually see each other because of our tight schedules but whenever we do, he doesn’t fail to make me laugh. He says the funniest things and does the most hilarious things in the world. Like yesterday, he asked me if I would mind him putting on his make up while conversing in a coffee shop. LOL! Talk about confidence and being nonchalant. It was so funny I decided to make a video with him.

If you noticed, I couldn’t really say anything. Make ups are not my cup of tea and it is something that I think I will never learn and master.

If you’re asking why he’s fully prep, he was preparing for work. He works as a dancer in a club. I have seen him perform and I must say, Owel is really good. Thanks for the time, Owel!


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