Cory Monteith, Lea Michelle and Diana Argon Pose for GQ Magazine

I soooooooo love Glee. Every Wednesday (which is Tuesday in the US), I would make sure that I go home earlier than the usual so I can watch the show in my computer. Glee is so pop and I love everything pop. I like the fact that the show is a combination of everything I’m interested in- music, dancing, performing, romance, teen drama, and the likes. It is also one of the few international dramas that I watched and really stay tuned with- others were Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, Charmed and Heroes.

This morning, while I was surfing the entirety of the internet world, I found something out that made my jaw dropped to the ground.

Yup! You have to believe your eyes now. It’s Cory Monteith (Finn), both hands on Diana Agron (Quinn) and Lea Michelle’s (Rachel) asses. Apparently, the 3 well-known members of the cast of Glee are  posing for the famous men’s magazine GQ.

Here are  the other pictures.

It seems like Lea really knows how to be sexy and seductive. And oh! Is that a little ink art on her tummy?

If Lea’s character, the very bossy and spotlight-loving Rachel, would wear something like this in McKinley High School, she would never ever be a loser like she is now. All the boys would be really hitting on her.

How about the very beautiful Cheerios Captain Quinn aka Diana Agron? She looks really pretty but she seems to be a little too shy to work on a pose like this.

How about a girl-to-girl fiasco in the library? I don’t know what happened to that book above Agron. I wonder if it landed on her head and gave her a hurting sensation. LOL!

Who has the bigger mouth now? LOL

Let’s go to threesomes! Lucky Cory Monteith, surrounded by two very sexy ladies here. A messy classroom has never been this hot specially if you’re a guy.

Hot corridor fun! Seems like Cory is enjoying those red lipstick stains on his right cheek. Diana looks like a goddess here and Rachel definitely knows how to work on her sexy poses.

Pyramid building is fun especially when you have two sexy girls and one hot guy to do it.

A lot of parents are complaining about this shoot. They have expressed their disappointments to theses 3 actors, explaining that they are starting to be a bad influence to their children. They now actually think if their children really have to watch Glee. Some moralists have also said that GQ have crossed the fine border line of pedophilia.

For me? Well! The pictures are amazing. Diana looked really good and sexy though she wasn’t exerting any effort. Rachel looked really suggestive and all that. As an adult who can now think for myself, I am really impressed with these pictures. But then, I think, this is not the right time for Cory, Rachel and Diana do something like this. I fully understand that they are above 20 now and they freely have the choice do whatever they wanna do with their lives, and that includes posing for a men’s magazine. However, they have to be reminded that they have a show that has a an audience full of minors. Whether they like it or not, they have a responsibility to these children who watch them every Tuesday (in America). What I am saying is they shouldn’t do something like this RIGHT NOW. There is PROPER TIMING for posing like this in a men’s magazine.

And for those parents who are raging because of these controversial pictures, all they can do now is to find a way how their  children won’t have a hold of the upcoming issue of GQ. If the moms found it in their households, it’s either your son is fantasizing about Diana and Lea or, heaven forbid it, their own husbands.

Well! All things are done now. Whatever anyone says, GQ will still launch the pictures on their next issue. So those boys who are having premature ejaculation there because of Rachel and Quinn, here’s your chance to see more of them. Lesser clothes, more skin.

By the way, I still love Glee. Period!


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