Daikokuya(大黒屋)in Nishi-Nippori

Daikokuya is one famous second hand shop here in the Tokyo metropolis (not really sure if in the whole of Japan though). And I am very happy to find out last week that they are going to open a new branch in Nishi-Nippori which is like 10 minutes away by monorail from my house!

When I passed by the shop last Saturday, they posted a short notice on the door that says that they’re opening today, October 20. So I decided to drop by Nishi-Nippori after work and and I saw nothing but the shop’s orange pulldown gates. I was sure that they announced that they were opening today. Then, I saw this.

They are open from 10:00 am-7:00 pm …and I arrived there at 7:15om. Talk about bad luck!

Well, I think I can’t visit the Nishi-Nippori for the next 2 days because I finish work at 6:oo pm and I have an hour and a half travel time up to my house. So there would be no chance for me during weekdays. Because of that, I have another reason to thank God for weekends. I can’t wait to see what they have to offer. Just imagine all the bags!!!!

If you live in Tokyo, visit Daikokuya Nishi-Nippori branch. It’s 3 minutes away from the Nishi Nippori station by foot.


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