Things That I’m Thankful For

There are some things in this world that we should be thankful for. We should be grateful for them, no matter when we find or learned about them. And in my case, there are some things that I am really thankful to God.

First, I thank God because one or two years ago, I’ve learned about Skype.


It’s a better instant messaging software that can connect you to your friends and love ones who live in a faraway distance. Compared to Yahoo Messenger, which is like the IM program of the Philippines, Skype enables you to have free unlimited calls which don’t cost any single cent. And mind you, Skype’s line is really clear as crystal. Moreover, their video calling service is really simultaneous. It’s like really talking to the other person face to face.

Secondly, I thank God because I learned about the print screen method. I am a person who loves pictures and I love taking pictures with my friends. With the knowledge of video calling from Skype and the print screen method, I am now able to have photos with my friends, no matter where they are in the planet.

taken by my friend, Miko, who now lives and works in Singapore


with my friend, Teng, who now lives in California

Last but definitely not the least, I wanna thank God for giving me wonderful friends. Most of all, I am thankful for my best friend, Zowie.

She is the only person who I can always lean and depend on. She is the only one who knows me best compared to any other else. Words shall never be enough how much I love her. She’s the person who I know will stick to me till the end no matter how tough the going gets.She was always there through my toughest times because she was the one who was trying to make me smile. She was there during my happiest hours because she was also there, celebrating each minute of jubilation with me. She was there to fight with me with the things we both believe in. And she was there in everyteardrop that was shed.Many years have already passed and it seems like yesterday since the first time that we met and the first time we decided to call each other the best of friends. I shall never forget each moment we had for they play a big role in what I have become right now.

Playing the shimmering curtains of the old Teatro Tomasino office

No matter how far the distance may be, I know that our hearts will never be apart from each other. No matter where our paths may lead, we know that we will always find a way to go back to each other. Our friendship shall never be destroyed by any other element there is for our foundation is made of love. And anything which is made of love is protected by the hands of God, making it stronger and divine.

taken 2 years ago in Trinoma

And of course, Zowie and I have our Skype pictures too!!!

Thank you, God, for giving us the technology of Skype and print screen for they bring people together, no matter how far their distances  can be. Thank you for giving me such wonderful friends, especially my best friend, Zowie!

How about you guys? What are the things that you are grateful for?


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