Conquering the Fear to Live the Dream

First of all, since this is an intrapersonal entry from me, allow me to put a necessary vanity picture. This was taken like a year ago or so, when I was still learning how to use Macbook’s Photo Booth. This was one of the results and I think it is soooooo Madonna.

Oh yes, I am vain and if that made you puke and if you want to hit the close window button already, you have all my blessings to do so. If that doesn’t stop you from reading my sentimental thoughts, well then, you are most welcome. So here it goes.

People will always have dreams and ambitions. Aside from love, it is the fuel that keeps us going through life. Our dreams and aspirations are the things that make us run the extra mile so we could hold them in our hands. They are the reasons why we live and why we have our own directions in our lives. Once a man stops dreaming, it’s like committing suicide. You have stopped yourself from the essence of existing in this world.

We have all the enthusiasm in making a dream happen. But do we all have the courage to face the unknown? Do we have the courage to let go of some things that we already have for the sake of reaching a brighter star? Are we brave enough to face the anything just to make a dream come true?

Like what Paulo Coelho said, we are afraid to pursue our own Personal Legends because we are afraid to lose and hurt the ones we love. We are scared to lose them or hurt them because maybe, in the process of reaching for your own dreams, we might have to move them aside of our priorities. When this happens, the fear of losing them or making them rage against us starts to run into our veins, going straight to our hearts. When we allow this fear conquer our whole soul, it stops us in pursuing our personal legends. Then  we just stop wherever we are right now and start being contented of what we have.

It’s hard to let go of things you’ve been used to. It’s hard to get away of your comfort zone. It’s scary to get rid of your safety blanket. But then, if we think about it, the American lands wouldn’t be discovered if Columbus got scared if crossing the Atlantic seas. Sleeping Beauty wouldn’t be awakened by a true love’s kiss if the Prince got scared of the fire-breathing dragon. Thus, the first step in making a dream come true is conquering the fear that resides in our hearts. The fear of the unknown obstacles we have to face. The fear of hurting the ones we love. The fear of losing everything we already possess.

This is what I want to tell myself. I am so confused right now!


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