Rolane in Tokyo Billboard Live

I have a friend. Her name is Rolane.

Taken like 3 years ago (I guess) in Iwatsuki festival.

I’ve known her since my senior year in high school and that was like…I dont wanna count the years anymore. LOL!  Anyways, it’s funny how our lives met again here in Japan. She also moved here together with her Japanese family and she’s been here for like 5-6 years. I’m not really sure though.

I have seen her grow in the past years of her life. I’ve seen her boyish looks in high school until she blossomed as a very beautiful flower here in Japan. Before you could see her in her jersey pants, roaming around our campus after her volleyball training. Now she struts her brand new self, very beautiful and fashionable. If you’ve known her since her early days in the Philippines, you could really see how big her transformation was when she decided to live here in the land of the rising sun.

The girl is talented too. Aside from being beautiful and a fashion icon to her friends, Rolane has a good voice. I should know. We’ve always been singing our lungs out in the karaoke box whenever we see each other. If there is something that really bind the two of us together, I think it’s the love for music.

I think, it was a month ago when I heard that she was discovered by this new talent house in Tokyo. Meaning, she is now on her way to make it here in Japan as a singing sensation. When I knew about is, I got really excited because I’m going to be a witness again to a new chapter of her life. From being a karaoke queen, she is now making baby steps to be Japan’s next pop diva. How cool is that?

So yesterday, I went to Tokyo Billboard Live to watch her official debut release.

This is her official business card now. Look how beautiful and thin she is.

I arrived there like two hours earlier. I wasn’t able to take pictures of myself because the people there were so elite. Almost a lot of the ladies there were carrying their Birkins (and one of them is my friend, BJ). I was so shy to have a photo op of myself in the middle of Tokyo socialites. The ticket was a little pricey but I think it’s all worth it because they serve a course meal inside, though it looked like a meal being served in the plane. The food was good and I was able to pig out my own serving. This is what happened.

The Tokyo Billboard Live is a big venue. I think the event was able to gather 300 people that night.

So it wasn’t really her event alone. It is an event of a group/solo singer (not really sure about this)  named The Gifted One and Rolane was given a solo number to serve as a launching for her. Though it was only for a few minutes, I think that her voice really got better. She can now sustain longer notes compared before. Her efforts in making herself a better singer is really paying off. We weren’t able to take videos and photos during her actual performance. So sad!

After my meal and Rolane’s number, I immediately went home to rest that’s why I was not able to have some pictures with her during the event. Yet, I called her to give my congratulations. I’m so proud of her. She’s slowly getting there, in a land where her dreams can come true.

Go for it, Rolane! More projects for you.

PS. Guys, you can check Rolane out in these following links: (Rolane’s blog in Japanese. Yup! The girl can speak and write in Japanese.)


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