What Kids Can Do?

We have different opinions about little kids. Some of us abhor them for they can be really mischievous at times. They love talking a lot, asking questions, running around, asking to buy something which is not part of your shopping list and many more. On the other hand, some think that they are just too adorable. They have all the patience and understanding for children and thinks that everything kids do is cute. Me? I have a love and hate relationship with them. They can be annoying but most of the time, I love them. Teaching kids and taking care at the same time can be disaster and heaven, both mixed inside a fancy cocktail.

Take a look at this.

My student, Kokomi, just made this snail with clay. Don't you think she's good?

I have a student whose name is Chie. She’s cute, sweet and adorable. She gave me this little note yesterday.

Dear Teacher Gervin, I love you! From Chie

Teaching in a kindergarten is a big stress but there are small things in it that will make you forget about how difficult your job is. Though these children will forget me in time, I’ll just enjoy the moments that we share in class while playing and learning the ABCs.


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