Crazy Friday Night

I love Fridays like most people do. Why shouldn’t I? It’s the day before the weekend and weekends mean no work (though I have to go to work for sometime). This is also the time when I can distress myself after a long week of stress in busting my ass to take care. Yeah! God is great for creating Fridays.

Yesterday afternoon, I was still in my workplace when I got a call from my friend Michael. He was asking me if I was going out because he was also planning to hang out with our friend Ryan, who just came back to Tokyo from the US. Since I was planning of window shopping, I just said yes.

We thought of going to this known bar but then, Ryan insisted that we should just grab a drink from the convenience store and hang out in the streets. Well I didn’t say yes because it’s the best way to get drunk without spending too much in bars.

We went to the convenience store, bought some whiskey, coke and plastic cups and the rest is history. I just realized that I was heading to the station with Michael and Ryan. Michael insisted me to just stay in Ryan’s place coz I was soooooooo wasted and intoxicated. I was really drunk and I had already lost all my inhibitions. I was saying and acting crazily. I even kicked a signboard so hard it broke and touched a random guy’s neck tie. He thought I was harassing and seducing him. Duh?!?! WTF! Seriously, I just wanted to fix his tie for him.

Gosh! I had never gotten wasted like that since God knows when. I even had a bad hangover when I woke up this morning. I felt terrible. It will be a Friday night that I will never ever forget. It was soooooo insane to the intense level.

They say life is crazy. Yeah I think it is. I am a cray person with crazy friends who crazily drinks like hell. How crazier can my life get? Crazy crazy Fridays!!!!

By the way, let’s play a guessing game.

Boy or girl? If your answer is correct, I shall give you kiss on the cheek as a prize.


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