World Teacher’s Day

Before I start this, can I just give a very important note especially to those former students of mine who might come across to my blog and see this entry?

NOTE: Dearest former student, please don’t get the idea that Respect 2007 was my favorite class back then when I was still in EHS. It’s just that I couldn’t find any other pictures with you guys so I had no choice but to have a full blast of Respect people in this entry. But please, don’t get me wrong. I loved and still loving all of you equally.

Anyways, enough of justifying myself. Let’s get down to business.

With Gian, Melvin, Micah and Cez

For those people who don’t know, I am a teacher- a high school teacher back in Manila. Whenever I tell this to my friends and workmates in Tokyo, they would always drop their jaws, not in amazement but in shock. I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s unbelievable for them for a small person like me to deal with adolescents who are experiencing emotional turmoil and hormonal rages in them. But yeah! I was a teacher of  Filipino high school students who I have a love-hate relationship with. I guess more of love though.

my future nurses, Marie June, Eryll and Danielle

The truth is I didn’t exactly wanted to be a teacher. When I was younger, I wanted to be something else. Then, because of a funny twist of fate, I was lead to the path of teacher education. Unexpectedly, I don’t regret taking it at all. To quote a former professor, teaching is not love at first sight. You slowly fall in love with it but it is a sure shot. I started to fall in love with teaching when I started to have my internship- the time when I was able to teach REAL students in a real classroom. When I was a student, I wasn’t really aware of how big my role would be when I started applying my theoretical knowledge in teaching. The cold water just splashed me out when I just realized that I was already handling students who pay for their education for hopes of a bright future. I knew that I chose not an easy game. I chose something which could affect not myself alone but the future of my nation, future of this world and the rest of eternity.

I will never ever forget my student teaching days- the mixture of fun and serious businesses when it comes to teaching. I never missed any fun but never forsaken the reality of my responsibilities as a teacher. I loved my vocation and I am loving it still. I’ve taught a lot of students- mostly not my own race due to the fact that I am currently living in a foreign land- but never will my experience with my Filipino students be replaced by any other. I love them forever and no one can ever erase them from my heart.

Dearest Rose, Cez (after 3 years I guess) and Kim


These are the things that I remember telling them when I was still there:

* Wala na kayong makikitang ibang teacher na katulad ko. Sige magalit kayo sa akin ngayon pero balang araw, llilingon kayo sa buhay high school niyo at magpapasalamat dahil minsan, may isang mahaderang baklang teacher na nagdaan sa buhay mo.

(You will never ever find any teacher like me. Go on and be mad at me but I’m telling you. Someday, you will look back to your high school life and you will be grateful because a very infuriating faggot teacher once stepped into your life.)

* If you become my student, there are only two things that can happen- it’s either you’ll love me or hate me. Choose!.

* Whatever happens, love your parents. They are the only ones who can love you better than me.

* What I want you to discover is that you don’t really need us, your teachers, to learn. You have those books and other thousand things where you can learn from. You don’t need us.

* You control your destiny. Life is all a matter of choice so don’t you point your finger to someone when you fail.

* You don’t have to thank me for everything I taught you. I’ll be happier if I see you someday with a much more better life than I have.

And there are a thousand more things that I already forgot. But even if this is the case, I shall never ever forget my love for them. I shall never forget the way they make me feel complete. The feeling of seeing a small part of me in each of them was funny and weird at the same time.

And I promise to God that I shall be back in time to the Philippines and will touch the lives of millions of children by becoming a teacher. I can’t wait for my future students. 🙂

Dearest Martin, who is now taking Teacher Education majoring in Math

Happy World Teacher’s Day to all teachers out there!!!


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