Hotta Hotta Summer!!!

Last July 25, my friends and I went to Zushi in Kanagawa Prefecture to hang out at the beach. Well, knowing Japan, it’s not the best place to find a good beach so we have to settle down with the cleanest and nearest one we could find. If you really wanna be in a paradise here, you better get your ass to Okinawa. It’s the ultimate summer spot in the whole of the Land of the Rising Sun. I’ve never been there coz the fare is really expensive that I would rather go to some country with cheap airplane tickets. If you want a nearer option, Izu in Shizuoka Prefecture is the place to beat. It’s two hours away from the Tokyo metropolis.

Ooops! I’m not here to be an agent for the Japanese Ministry of Tourism here. They should pay me for this. So here we go to our Zushi experience.

More drinks for us!

Zushi may not have the white sands of Boracay and the serenity of Palawan but with the company of good friends and new acquaintances, it can be a lot of fun. The drinks were overflowing and the food just kept on coming. Definitely, I enjoyed Zushi with the best people in the world.

Hot????? NOOOOT!!!! Lol

Can you see the color of the sea? Reaaaaalllllyyyy eeky but I didn’t care anymore. I needed to relax myself and enjoy my summer as much as possible.

During that day, hotness was everywhere, literally and figuratively. The heat of the sun was undeniably killing us with all his UV rays. Thank God for sun blocks! However, the beach was full of hot men. From Asians, Latinos and Caucasians, take your pick and you’ll get them. Goooooood! I was drooling during that day. Too bad! My friend, Jhay didn’t post the raw pictures in Facebook. If you want to see his blog for great collages of our beach getaway, visit his blog entry about it (click HERE).

Here are some other photos

James, BJ and me

Vincent and me, trying to shake our booties in the middle of a straight beach LOL

Look closely and you will see my "biggest" secret LOL

Me and our new good friends, Etsuko and Arthur. Such a lovely couple!

I have another picture that I wanted to post but yeah! Never mind! It’ll just ruin my reputation.

I wanna go to the beach again! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!

Credits to my friend, BJ Tolentino for all the pictures.


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