I Want One (drools!!!)

I am still in ecstasy with my new baby G. I soooo love it though the price won’t be that wallet-friendly. Nevertheless, like what most people say, beauty really has a price. Well, I am willing to pay and work hard for it.

Going to another subject, I was looking on my profile pictures in Facebook when I saw this photo.


This is me with the most powerful bag I’ve ever seen- a 40 cm. Hermes Birkin bag. It is under the possession of my dear friend, BJ (btw, BJ’s got a blog as well and writes the most hilarious words. click HERE to go to his blog). I was really awed when I first saw it. My jaws dropped to the ground when I saw BJ carrying it with his right hand. The whole world suddenly went slow motion the moment I put my eyes on it. Soooooo mouth-watering!!!! Me too!!! I waaaaannnnnttt!!!!

So here’s my letter to God.

Dear God,

I thank you for every blessing that you give me, especially my bags. They make me happy and they take away all my sorrow whenever I bring them with me. Thank you for the gift of bags!

On the other hand, I wish that there will be no hindrances for me in the next future because I really want my own Birkin before I turn 35. But if your plans are not in line with my wants, let your will be done…but can you please reconsider? 🙂



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