My New Baby G…I LOVE YOU!

Guess what’s inside.


I’ve been eyeing for a Gucci bag since the day I realized that I’m almost done paying for my LV Monogram Sac Plat. I visited and looked for something pleasant in my eyes. Then, I decided for a messenger bag since I still don’t have one. Messenger bags can be casual and formal at the same time, depending on their color and of course, their label.

One night, I went to Shinjuku, a city in Metropolitan Tokyo, to check if the 2nd hand shops there have already the bag that I chose to buy. I tried to search every shop that I knew but I couldn’t find the exact thing that I wanted so I decided to go the Gucci shop though I didn’t want to knowing that brand new ones are definitely pricey. Nevertheless, I disregarded the idea and conquered my fear.

Then, I saw the bag that I wanted but the thing is there were other several bags that also caught my attention. They were all calling out my name, begging me to buy them. I really had a hard time choosing so I decided to call the night off and had more time to think and reflect together with my credit card bills. The next day, I checked my latest bill and calculated everything and found out that I really didn’t have any debt that requires loads of dough from me except for my Galliano bag (which I will finish paying in August) and my phone bills.

Then I went to back to Gucci with my friend and co worker, Kristine, in Shinjuku and the moment I saw the bags again, my dilemma of what bag to buy resurrected from the dead. I was surrounded by 3 different Gucci bags which made me undecided again. Another friend, Jojo, who was also planning to buy a Gucci belt bag if ever I’ll buy my own, was already on his way to Shinjuku to help me make up my mind. He came to the store which was like 3 minutes away from shutting down and talked to me like a mother who’s teaching her little daughter to shop. After 5 minutes, I decided to settle on this one.

Behold! My new Gucci messenger bag 🙂

me with my new baby G

Haaaay! Now I am happy. I now have a new reason to work harder for the next 6 months. Yup! I paid it with my evil plastic card to make my life easier (or maybe unconsciously harder) for me. Now that LV is officially mine and I’m halfway there to get my full ownership with my Galliano, having my new Gucci messenger bag makes me more ecstatic.

And how much was it? That’s a secret I’ll never tell. It’s something that only me and this envelope know. :p

I know you love me! 😉


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One Response to My New Baby G…I LOVE YOU!

  1. Miko says:

    i love love love it!!!!!!! can’t wait to open my own bag of goodies like that. you gotta let the eeevil plastisc card rest you know.

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