New York VS. Manila

I love Alicia Keys and Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind”. It shows a clear image of how it is in New York City- a city with a big concrete jungle where one has to survive in order to achieve his dreams. I’ve never been to the Big Apple but this song makes me feel like how it is to be in that place.

Meanwhile, Filipino RNB group, Qyork, who’s songs are really funky and all that, made a song with the EXACT same beat about the Philippines’ capital, Manila.

Well, let’s admit it! Qyork is an epic fail on this song. Though Qyork achieved it’s objective to show everyone a good and real picture of the Philippines’ dream city, we cannot take away the fact that they just grabbed Jay Z’s beat and used it to make their own song. Bad, bad, bad Qyork! A proof of lack of originality.

Lyrics wise, Manila’s imagery is really superb. Once you read (or hear) the words of this song, you will feel how sticky, dirty, nasty and yet, fun it is to be in Manila, regardless of how miles away it is in becoming Asia’s Big Apple.


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One Response to New York VS. Manila

  1. bjurusai says:

    luv this song but without jay-z

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