Designer Suits for Me???

I saw this ad inside the train while I was on my way to work.

The ad for the upcoming opening of Sakazen's Kawasaki branch in Yokohama City

Like what the caption says, it is for the upcoming opening of Sakazen’s branch in Kawasaki which is located in Yokohama City, one of Japan’s premiere cities. For those who don’t know what Sakazen is, it’s a famous mall in Japan with a lot of small branches which sells clothing mainly for men that ranges from the smallest sizes up to the largest ones.  This is perfect for those foreigners in Japan who couldn’t fit into Uniqlo sizes. Their stores are usually divided into casual wear, business wear, big sized clothing and world known designer brands.

So I saw this and it says that they are selling branded business suits in very cheap prices.

Calvin Klein for ¥19,000 ($190)

Ralph Lauren for ¥15,000 ($150 only the blazer)

Hugo Boss for ¥49,000  ($490)

Emporio Armani and Burberry for ¥69,000 ($690)

I think they are really cheap for designer suits. And if you look closely on the ad, they even put the original price of the suits if you buy them in their own boutiques (ex. Armani is originally ¥147,000 or $1470) . I am actually tempted to buy the Armani suits. I think Armani makes the best business suits for men in the whole planet. Having one is a very powerful item inside a man’s closet.

However, I can still hold my own horse. Many thanks to the heavens above because it’s not a bag or else, Visa card would be glad again to accept another transaction from me! I guess, it’s not yet time for me to own an Armani suit. I really have to settle with what I have now.

Me posing my SATY suits which I bought for a very cheap price...


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