The Warmth of A Family

Today, my cousin Leann, who is currently residing in the States, tagged me in one of her photos in Facebook.

This picture was taken three years ago in my father’s house in Pampanga, a province in the Philippines. We were on our way home from Baguio when my father asked the whole family if they could stay for some time in his family’s house. Though everyone was quite hesitant about the idea, my aunts and uncles chose to shut their mouths to avoid any conflict. They didn’t want to ruin the mood for our dear Tito Lito and his family, who just arrived from the US to have some quiet vacation in the Philippines after 12 years of being away from us.

Well, this photo made my day today. It reminded me that I have a family back there in Manila who can accept me for who I am no matter what happens. I know that I have people back there who will surely help me in times of trouble and will definitely rejoice with me in my moments of triumph. This photo is a symbol that any storm won’t ever break my Dioquino family down. God knows how much I love these people- from my father to my cousins. They are really the amazing people in the world. They make me feel lucky and loved.

I miss them! I hope that this rare event will happen again. I miss my Dioquino family! I really do.



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One Response to The Warmth of A Family

  1. vergil dioquino says:

    touch nman ako sa anak ko,lam mo b yan lagi tinitingnan ko d2 sa fb ko,like whats you’ve said and in mind i feel the same,im very proud i have a family like this

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