The Bag Addict in Me

When I was little, 9 years old I guess, I wanted to have a Japanese Lancel bag.

my sister's landsele bag which she has been using for six years

These are the bags that Japanese elementary pupils always use. I’ve never seen one child break the status quo that this bags set. Now, it makes me wonder if there is such a law that prohibits children here in Japan to bring other bags than these. Anyways, I wanted to have those when I was a little kid but during my elementary years and I would always beg my mom to buy me one of those but sadly, she didn’t. During those times, landsele bags would cost your arm and leg like ¥30,000 ($300). Knowing how stingy my mother was, I let go of the dream of having one but my mom gave me something which was, well, something I liked. It was something like this.

My red backpack wasn't exactly a Jansport but it was as cool as having one...

My mom gave me a red back pack as a consolation (I guess) and it wasn’t a bad bag for my age. So when my classmates then saw it, they got really wide-eyed and asked where I bought it. However, after using it for like a month, it got stolen inside my campus. Everything was taken even my notebooks and my pencil case inside. It was one of my biggest heartbreaks in life, losing something that really is beautiful for me.

Since that day, I realized I am a bag addict. I just love bags just like girls love them. Bags are powerful! Men have hands that are used to carry things around but usually, they are not enough that’s why they created bags. They need to have everything they need (or even they don’t need but they want to carry with them) within reach thats why they have bags. Take a look of what’s inside my Fred Perry ecology bag which I got for free from a magazine. That’s what they usually do here in Japan to attract consumers- put an ecology bag of a famous designer which the consumers can get for free when they buy the magazine.

My Fred Perry economy bag I use whenever I go to work.

A peak of what trash you can find inside

When I was in the Philippines, I was never fascinated with all the luxury designer bags have to offer. But since I started living here in Tokyo, I experienced metanoia. I sooooooo now love designer bags!!! I wanted to have a single piece of bag from each luxurious brand. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Hermes- I want to have a bag from each label. I want a bag that suits every occasion. I want a bag that suits the current season. I want a bag that suits every clothing that I wear. I want bags!!! I’m so addicted to them.

Currently, I have a bunch in my possession. I think I have like 8 bags in my list, most of them are non-designer ones.

Me with my Louis Vuitton Monogram Sac Plat

My John Galliano bag together with my friends' bags (Prada, Louis Vuitton and the powerful Hermes Birkin bag)

And here are the top two bags I am wishing right now.

A Gucci messenger bag with the interlocking G design

the ultimate Hermes Birkin Bag which I am planning to buy before I become 35

Oh well! That’s why I work hard- to buy everything I want. And indeed, I have to work harder if these are the bags that I wanna have. I am still young and I have a long way to run. At the same time, I have a lot of time to save more money for these very costly stuffs.


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