Hello world! Another blog to invite the cobwebs in

This is just another blog where all spiders are invited to come in and put all their webs and reside here once I decided to get lazy again. 🙂

I am no writer. I believe that writing is really not my thing. If ever I write something really nice for people, it’s just a once in a blue moon thing. I am a spur of the moment writer, no consistency when it comes to this skill. However, I am still trying this for the sake of…well, something to do in the middle of a lazy and boring day.

What to read in here??? I don’t know. Don’t put any expectations. It’s just a hard thing. Expectations are something which I am not good with. They put pressure in my head and when there is pressure, my head tends to explode. Hahaha!

Fine fine! I am stopping now.

Me whenever my mind is distorted


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