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New York VS. Manila

I love Alicia Keys and Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind”. It shows a clear image of how it is in New York City- a city with a big concrete jungle where one has to survive in order to achieve … Continue reading

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Designer Suits for Me???

I saw this ad inside the train while I was on my way to work. Like what the caption says, it is for the upcoming opening of Sakazen’s branch in Kawasaki which is located in Yokohama City, one of Japan’s … Continue reading

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The Warmth of A Family

Today, my cousin Leann, who is currently residing in the States, tagged me in one of her photos in Facebook. This picture was taken three years ago in my father’s house in Pampanga, a province in the Philippines. We were … Continue reading

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On Ryo Ishikawa’s New ANA Ad

For the benefit of those who don’t know the cute guy above, he is none other than Ryo Ishikawa, one of the youngest and the best golfers of Japan and regarded as the Hanikami Oji (The Bashful Prince). He won in … Continue reading

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Cooking Master Boy To Be! LOL!

I really want to learn how to cook. I think cooking is a good way to make your mind really preoccupied, making you escape the realities of your stressful life (well, that is if you do have a stressful life). … Continue reading

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The Bag Addict in Me

When I was little, 9 years old I guess, I wanted to have a Japanese Lancel bag. These are the bags that Japanese elementary pupils always use. I’ve never seen one child break the status quo that this bags set. … Continue reading

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Hello world! Another blog to invite the cobwebs in

This is just another blog where all spiders are invited to come in and put all their webs and reside here once I decided to get lazy again. 🙂 I am no writer. I believe that writing is really not … Continue reading

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