When there’s nothing left to wear, one can always trust the basics not to let us down. A white buttoned down shirt, a pair of skinny denim jeans and some loafers will always do the trick. Simple things that will never ever fail to make you beautiful even when you’re merely sitting down or whatever. A brushed up hair can also help.


H&M shirt, D&G denim jeans and Zara shoes
(シャツ:H&M デニム:D&G 靴:ザら)


* Many people want a simple life but is simplicity that easy to attain now that we are surrounded by various complexities in life (luxury stuff, high technology and the likes)? Is simple *really* that simple?

* みんなはシンプルな生活が欲しいだけど、シンプルはあんな簡単に得ることが出来るかな?

* I myself wants to have a simple life too. Earn money while just sitting down and being pretty. That’s a very simple thing to do and yet, why is it simply attainable for others but not for me? Haay! Life’s fairly unfair.

* 俺はただ座るでお金を稼ぎたいな〜!それはシンプルなことでしょ。(笑)

* Some problems seem to be complicated but if you dissect them, they are actually simple. Example, if no one wants to take your photo for your outfit posts, you might as well buy yourself a tripod and trust your eyes and your camera’s timer.

* 難しいな問題で思てることがあるけど、私たちは諦めないとぜんぜん難しくないなことになることができる。


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Painting The Town Red

Red has been a favorite color of mine since the good old days. I remember myself having tons of red pieces in my closet, mostly t-shirts since Manila has always a t-shirt kind of weather. It has also been incorporated with various meanings, some positive and others negative. No matter how one person or a whole bunch of people within the same culture sees it, it’s undeniable that red exudes a powerful aura incomparable to any color.

Red emanates power which a lot of people want for their own. They long to have power in any form- physical strength, financial power, political influence and so much more. I admit, I want to have power for myself too. I want to be taller and have a stronger body, a richer bank account and be someone who leaves an impact to people. But I mostly wish for the power to inspire. I wish I can be the kind who’s moving enough to make others see that life can be better if they learn to appreciate the beauty of what they have and to aspire bigger and bolder dreams. What’s more better in gaining respect because of your capability to touch scared and insecure hearts?

Uniqlo polo shirt, H&M printed trousers and shoes, Coach watch and belt, bracelets from Cebu, Philippines

Most of my friends tell me that I have bold choices when it comes to fashion. Strong and loud colors, overwhelming prints, unconventional cuts and the list goes on and on. They ask me why and how on earth do I wear those clothes. The answer is simple- courage. I always try to achieve being outstanding in the crowd, someone who doesn’t blend when the waters turn to a different color. In order to be different, it takes a lot of courage to wear daring clothes. People will misunderstand, judge or even discriminate you with your fashion choices but only the mediocre finds happiness in the approval of others.  True style daredevils don’t care what other people say, find themselves sighing in relief and itching to make a better look after creatively expressing their soul through their clothes.

In a world of almost 6 trillion people, not all of us have dreams of fashion but each one has a dream or two. Whether big or small, these dreams are the fuels of our hearts to make our lives more meaningful and directional. Dreaming is for free and there’s no amount required in having more than a million. But sadly, some lack the big C to make the first step in unfolding them into reality. Some aren’t courageous enough take to risks because of the fear of the unknown. Stepping your foot forward to the realization of your dreams is scary especially when there’s no guarantee of succeeding. But the greatest things happen because people were brave enough to overcome fear. Imagine if ancient people remained scared to get near fire, all you have in your plate now would be a big piece of bloody red meat and not a lip-smacking steak.

Click for more photos and reads.

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Vogue Fashion’s Night Out Japan 2012

This year’s FNO maybe tamer compared to last year’s when all 17 editors of Vogues all around the world, Anna Wintour included, dominated Tokyo but the fun was surely still alive and present in the streets of Aoyama, Omotesando and Harajuku. The energy was as high as that night’s humidity level and everyone was just too excited to shop around, have some free booze and get themselves freebies and extra services like photo ops, makeovers and hand painted portraits. But I think the best thing about this year’s FNO is the more observable participation of local brands and shops.

先週の土曜日に、友達たちと一緒にVogue Fashion’s Night Out Japanに行きました。湿度はすごく高かったと足も疲れたけど、本当に楽しかったです。

I spent the whole time with my girls Carey, Rexcy and Ria but it was also a night of bumping into old friends like Natalia who’s now a very beautiful pregnant woman, the always endearing Kjeld, the mesmerizing Misha and Diego who remains as handsome as he is. I was also delighted and nervous to finally meet the famous Anna Tsuchiya face to face at Roberto Cavalli. My hands and knees were shaking like 9.0 magnitude before and after taking a photo with her. She’s so beautiful and exudes a powerful aura.

FNOで久しぶりな友達たちと知り合いの人もいました。Tokyoholicのナタリアちゃん、Japanese Streets のキェルドさん、Tokyo Fashion Diariesのミシャさんと湯名なDJ Diegoが会いました。

Click for more photos.


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Anna Dello Russo at H&M

H&M Japan had a press preview of its most awaited collaboration with Vogue Nippon’s editor-at-large Anna dello Russo last September 8th, 2012 at H&M Harajuku branch in line with the annual Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. The collection, which focuses on accessories, has Anna’s name written all over it, a mixture of turquoise and gold with a touch of animalier and baroque which are both present in her blog. It’s a true reflection of her character which can be described as bold, bubbly and sparkling that certainly puts fashion in a more daring level. The collection will be available online at Zozotown from October 3rd (8pm) to October 4th, 2012 (6am) and at H&M Shibuya and Ebisubashi (in Osaka) on October 4th, 2012.

新しいのアクセソリーコレクションのため、プレスプレビューをやりました。今回のコレはVogue NipponのEditor-at-Large Anna dello Russoとしました。このコレクションは
H&M渋谷と大阪の恵比寿橋で10月4日から利用に出来るになります。そして、Zozotownでも10月3日の20:00−4日の6:00まで、Anna dello Russo at H&Mのコレクションを販売します。

And let me applaud this very unique marketing strategy for this collection- a music video featuring Anna and her accessories for the Swedish megabrand in small and larger-than-life scales. The song is catchy with its club electronica beat which will make you listen to it once you go to Youtube or sing while you’re in the shower. It teaches Fashion 101 ala AdR like how one should feel uncomfortable to attain being fashionable and one should only wear your clothes once. One may not agree to everything she says but you surely will find yourself dancing along with her once you hear her sing (or say) “You need a fashion shower”.


Click for more fashion shower. *winks*

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Autumn Colors

Though the days are still hot, they’re certainly getting shorter and the nights longer. A signature chill in the evening air can now be felt which means one thing: AUTUMN IS FINALLY HERE. Obviously, I’m more excited than the maple leaves to welcome my most favorite season.



H&M shirt and trousers, Vans’ shoes, ABC Mart socks and Louis Vuitton
シャツとズボン:H&M、靴:ヴァンス、靴下:ABC Mart、カバン:ルイ.ヴィトン

To whoever said that color blocking is out, guess what? I.DON’T.CARE!!!!! :p


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What’s worse than going to a Philippine festival in an unpredictable weathered day and not eating your favorite Filipino dish??? Good thing I was able to spend the day with my beautiful friends…and saw Christopher de Leon and Ariel Rivera who are both handsome and dashing. Yup, I also had a thing with mature men. LOL!!!



Balenciaga t-shirt, H&M trousers, Sergio Rossi shoes and Tommy Hilfiger bag


I got this vintage Balenciaga shirt more than a year ago and it’s funny how I’ve been wearing it ever since and yet, never had a formal blog entry about it. It’s one of the very few designer pieces I have in my wardrobe and I must say, material wise, it really feels different when you wear something a luxury label piece of clothing. It feels smooth and the quality seems to be lasting. I love how the tee’s prints and the trousers’ loud mustard color complement each other plus the sense of formality that the shoes give to this casual look.



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Cosmo 69 Bachelors Do One Direction

For sure, all the girls and gays of Las Islas Filipinas changed undies after watching this treat from Cosmo 69 Bachelors.

Now, excuse me! It’s my time to change my own Calvin Klein X. *winks*


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Ingrid Chua Go for Lifestyle Asia Philippines September 2012

My beloved Ingrid Chua Go of The Bag Hag Diaries has just landed on the cover of Lifestyle Asia Philippines, looking all lux, glam and sexaaaaaaaaay!!!!! Aside from her family life and an extra ordinary experience with THE Karl Lagerfeld, she talked about online cat fights which is a relevant issue now in the Philippines, especially in Twitter land. And no one is more credible tackling this issue than Ingrid herself- a woman of elegance…and a lot of love for designer bags.

I’ve always love Ingrid. Her writing style in her blog is so personal that she makes you see things in her own eyes and experience the world in her own perspective. I find it amazing whenever I read her articles for magazines and feature stories. Her writing style is so professional and faraway from how she writes in her blog but her witty and vivacious character remains in her words.

Aside from being a blogger and an experienced journalist, I personally adore Ingrid’s character. Though she always brushes her shoulders with Manila’s elite circle and trots the world for fashion weeks, Ingrid never forgets to stick her feet on the ground and will always prioritize the most important thing in life- her family. She can be a little bit intimidating when she starts talking about Hermes and Vuitton but she is a refined lady with sincere kindness who will never ever loose her grace no matter how angry she is. That is one of the things I’ve learned from the self-confessed shoe-and-bag-hag: even if someone has gravely wronged you, never ever say harsh things to that person. A sign of good breeding. We’ve only conversed through tweets and direct messages, I’ve always felt the genuine “online” friendship that we share. I love her and will always will.

So guys, please don’t forget to get a copy of Lifestyle Asia’s September featuring Ingrid “The Bag Hag” Chua Go!


PS: Photo courtesy of Lifestyle Asia’s Cheryl Tiu’s twitpic 

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Bloggers United x Preview Magazine September 2012

The Philippines’ finest female style bloggers, Tricia Gosingtian, Laureen Uy and Camille Co, grace the cover of Preview Magazine for their Big Fashion Issue this September 2012. The cover features the girls wearing Filipino designer Cary Santiago’s origami inspired couture.

* Tricia deserves to be given a standing ovation for nailing this cover. Aside from having a naturally beautiful face, her total styling helped her to look perfect. Talk about absolute chicness and fabulousness. I think she should also be thankful for her blocking in this photo. It gives the the readers a good view of her silhouette and the dress.

* I’ve loved Camille Co ever since I discovered her blog. She is the true definition of “pretty” that’s why it’s amazing to see a different side of her in this cover. She looks super glamorous with that couture dress but I find the hair quite unflattering. The styling makes her look flat which is sad because her hair is one of her best assets. Nevertheless, she embodies a sexy chic woman who means business…fashion business specifically!

* To be honest, it’s Laureen who bothers me a lot here. There is no argument that she exudes sexiness in that bare back dress…sexiness as defined by an FHM editor. A person who isn’t aware of Cary Santiago’s origami inspiration will think that Laureen forgot her bra while holding a giant table napkin to cover her boobs. I don’t know but maybe Preview was trying to achieve a degree of comparison for the word sexy (Tricia= sexy, Camille= sexier, Laureen= sexiest). Well, if that’s the case, they succeeded there but in a men’s magazine’s point of view. It could have been better if the front part was shown a little bit more just to break the naked illusion and to show more of the couture dress’s beauty.

Overall, it’s not a bad cover. I actually like it (like 60%) because there is beauty and elegance to it. Big thanks to Cary Santiago’s classy and glamorous couture collection, which also makes this issue a must-buy for all Filipino fashion lovers. With these young ladies gracing its cover, Preview has totally extended its reach to a younger audience. Moreover, this cover is just a proof that bloggers have come a long way with their efforts to achieve originality and express creativity. It’s a great thing to witness that the world is starting to accept the fact that we have a unique voice that needs to be heard and we have the power to inspire. Bloggers are here to stay and no blogging regulation law can ever stop us from doing what we do.


PS: Photo courtesy of Preview Magazine’s Facebook account.

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Best Summer

It’s just hard to resist the calling of the waves especially during a hot summer day. Though I was already tan enough from my recent beach getaway, I knew I just had to go one more time to put a conclusion to the best summer I’ve ever had in my entire existence. This time, I went with my beloved Rexcy and Carey who just came back to Japan after her trip to the Philippines. It was Carey’s first time to go to the beach in Japan plus she’s wearing this very sexy bikini that was boom boom sexy that’s why I had to capture the moment!!!! Check our beach photos in Carey’s blog HERE.



H&M tank top and sunglasses and D&G jeans

Thoughts about my summer


* Though I wasn’t able to go overseas like last year, my Kansai trip was definitely a blast. Not only that I have experienced the true essence of Japan in Kyoto and Nara, the warmth of Osaka people and the delectability of Kobe beef but that trip sealed my new found friendships which, I am sure, are for keeps.


* Though I “bully” some of my friends a lot of time, it doesn’t mean that I abhor them. It’s actually my way to show my love and care, giving them the attention they deserve from me. I know it’s weird but I think it’s better that way coz I tend to ignore people if I don’t like or care about them.


* It’s a great feeling to lend a helping hand to a needy friend and witness him/her rise above everything after a dark storm. It’s a great view to see him/her become more beautiful inside and out after being released from the chains of depression. It makes you feel that your purpose as a friend is totally complete.


* Most of the time, you lose something then gain more after. We let go of some things in our lives which are not meant for us to make space for more special and definitely better stuff.


I am so over summer now and I can’t wait for autumn.



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Fashion’s Night Out 2012 Japan

Hey Nippon! Are you ready for this?


I am.



PS: Photos by Vogue Nippon. Click HERE for more info about FNO 2012 Japan.

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This Is THE Life!!!!

There was no better way to conclude my summer than a day at the beach. I was so happy when my very sexy gurl Tina invited me to have a good time at Kamakura together with Sofia and Shoko (who eventually became my friends too). It was the perfect day to spend by the beach. The water was not that cold for a swim, the sun was just right for a tan and the beach wasn’t that crowded which was perfect for some peace of mind. We shared the day with a lot of getting-to-know pep talks, booze, men-viewing and dipping in the sea.

I was having second thoughts if I should post my photos in this beach entry coz I am not confident enough to show my half-naked body due to my tummy issues. Thanks to the present generation that made me feel that going to the gym and body building are essential before hitting the beach! But duh!!! Who cares anyways??

Click for more photos.

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Realizations With Remi

I was so happy to see my friend Remi again before I left for my Kansai trip. I met him two years ago here in Tokyo when he was still a Japanese language student. We hanged out a few times until he left for New York to pursue law. After finishing his summer internship last July, he decided to visit Japan with some of his friends. Lucky that he gave me some of his precious time for he was busy showing his friends around the city and he was also scheduled to leave for a trip to Kansai and Kyushu area.

The catch up session I had with Remi gave me some realizations which I think will take with me for the rest of my life.

* I’ve always felt that I’m STUCK here in Tokyo but at least, I am stuck in a very beautiful city that can offer me lots of opportunities.

* If a person made a strong positive impact on you, you will know and remember every single important detail of that time you’ve spent together. The things he loves and hates, the way he acts and thinks, etc.

* Some people can just get away with the past with the forgive-and-forget method. They need enough time and space calm their nerves down and move on with their lives until they’ve almost forgotten about that situation. However…

* …there are also some people who needs official closure. They are the ones who settle unfinished businesses of the past by sitting down, talking about it and finally putting a conclusion to everything that had happened. They believe that closures put an end to all the misery and useless hoping.

Just saying!


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Kyoto is the former capital of Japan and the well known imperial seat of the Japanese government in the West. It boosts a number of sites that are enlisted in the UNESCO Heritage list because of its richness in culture and tradition.

It was a hot day when we decided to go and look around Tokyo for the last day of our Kansai adventure. Kyoto is just extremely beautiful with its preserved historical sites and landscape. I can’t believe that the neighborhood in this city are very consistent with the traditional vibe of the city. If you wanna experience modern Japan, go to Tokyo. But if you wanna experience the REAL Japan, go to Kyoto.

Click for more photos and reads.

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Harborland, Kobe

After walking around the Todaiji temple in Nara, we all went down to Kobe for dinner. I’m so glad that we came to Kobe at night because it’s one of the most romantic places I’ve ever been. I fell in love with the lights at Harborland and the beautiful view of Kobe’s iconic landmark, the Kobe Port Tower alongside with the Kobe Maritime Museum. The capital city of Hyogo prefecture was so lovely that no one would ever think it got struck by a massive earthquake in 1995.

Click for more photos.

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